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Prevent Stroke Now - Mahc Kadio-On

Added via web on May 7, 2022


*Prevent Stroke Now*

As we begin to reach degenerative age, ( 50 downward ) arteriosclerosis is one of the most common health problems that affects us
Ability of arteries to supply blood to extremities of the body begins to reduce significantly

Arms begin to receive less blood supply and this is worse with people who lives Sedentary life, Hypertension, Diabetes and Stress

Hypertension, Diabetes are top leading causes of Stroke

So it's important to manage both very well so to prevent complications like *Stroke*
Poor dietary habits are also a factor, excessive sugar, bad fats like hydrogenated oils etc can all be a risk factor
Chronic stress and Extreme emotional trauma can be a serious risk factors too in having stroke

Every 2 minutes or less, 1 person haves stroke and the statistics are proving that, 1 in 6 people may have it, no further reason why is very important to prevent it
Managing stroke is also very expensive, stressful and some people doesn't recover from the damages it causes

Fresh Turmeric tea
Fresh Ginger tea
Lemon grass tea
Fresh Lemon tea

Omega 3 Fatty Acid ( 3000mg daily)
Vitamin C 1000mg daily
Vitamin E 1000ui daily

Mange your stress very well
Routine mild exercise can all help to prevent

If you are hypertensive, diabetic, going through stress and emotional pain, watch for one sided headaches, numbness in one side of the body,
dizziness, shaking voice etc, those are symptoms of stroke, it means you have to take serious steps to prevent it

The herbal remedy attached to this writeup has been specially designed to prevent stroke, it helps remove plaques from the arteries,
improve blood circulation to the body extremities, to brain and remove blood clot that can cause a blockage leading to stroke

Stroke is an accidental problem, it happened like an accident so it might not give you much time to prevent it by showing symptoms for long periods of time
Medically is called Cerebro Vascular Accident

You can get the herbal remedy and use it to prevent stroke once and for all or continue to use it once a while
for continuous prevention if you have diabetes, hypertension and arteriosclerosis and can be used for management

Price - #5000

Location - Lagos
Delivery is available Nationwide

Call or Whatsapp - 07030420960

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